Having access to funding for your business is a must these days. Banks do not lend like they used to. They can take weeks or even months to get back to you, only to inform you of a decline. With Thor Capital Group, you get approved within 24 hours, regardless of your credit and have the money deposited the same or next day.

If your business is in need of funding, a Merchant Cash Advance may be exactly what you need. Whether your credit score isn’t high enough to secure a bank loan or you just need the money immediately, there is no reason to give up hope, WE CAN HELP! With a Merchant Cash Advance, Thor Capital Group can help your business grow and finally get to the levels you dreamed of.

How Does It Work?

The Merchant Cash Advance system works with purchasing a company’s future receivables for an upfront sum of with an agreement to be paid back on either a daily, weekly, or biweekly payment.

Research has shown that daily or weekly payments are more likely to prevent negative cash flow rather than paying per month. You can create a payment plan that is most suited for the success of your business. This could come from monthly credit card percentages or even percentages of future sales and receivables.

Benefits of A Merchant Cash Advance Over Bank Loans

No collateral is required when you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance. If for some reason your business is unable to repay the loan your assets will never be at risk.

The repayment is rendered automatically through bank account debits.

Sets up exceptionally good cash flow, allowing you to expand your business utilizing funds that are easily accessible when you need it.

Advances are usually made within 24 hours of applying, which gives you very quick access to the financing you need and requiring minimal paperwork

Credit score is not important!

When Can A Merchant Cash Advance Help Your Business?

Nearly every small business needs a little extra funding from time to time and this is especially true if your company is open less than 2 years or if you’re taking on a new challenge that you need help with. A merchant cash advance is a quick source of short-term financing for a small business with an immediate need for cash.

If your business is looking to expand by marketing, hiring additional employees, opening a new location, or even using the funds for payroll, rent or everyday expenses then this is a perfect fit. By purchasing the equipment needed to expand, your company’s revenue will increase, and you will be able to pay off your advance quickly.

Another case where a business could greatly use a cash advance is where your business is struggling to keep up with everyday expenses and operational needs. Whatever your business needs may be, Thor Capital Group is here to help keep your business running smoothly and entitling your business to grow and flourish for many years to come.